3 top spots for design inspiration Copenhagen

I recently went to the beautiful city of Copenhagen on a little city break. Beyond the obvious pleasure of travelling to new places, a huge draw was the opportunity to fully immerse myself in Danish design.  

Danish design is absolutely ubiquitous and Denmark is the home to many a design classic. Don't believe me? Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner, Poul Henningsen all Danish. Looking around Copenhagen, I couldn't help but see Henningsen's beautiful lights everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. 

If you're planning on visiting Copenhagen anytime soon, here are my top three spots for getting your hit of Danish design inspiration.

1. The design museum

We popped in here during one of the frequent bouts of rain and drizzle. I would highly recommend it as the permanent collection is beautifully curated and an excellent showcase of 20th century Danish design. You'll be a Danish design buff before long. 

2. Llama - a South American restaurant


Yes, of course I'm going to point you in the direction of some lovely commercial interior design inspiration in the shape and form of Llama. This restaurant was a recent winner in the conceptual category at the International Design Awards. Unfortunately whilst I didn't get a chance to eat there myself, I definitely had a good nosey through the window. Wow, it's a truly stunning design with these beautiful tiles lining the floors and walls.

3. Hay store

Finally, an absolute must visit is the Hay store. Spread across two floors, it is a design lovers' wet dream. Only the limits of finances, space allowed in hand luggage and time stopped me from taking back the whole store back with me to London. I'm still deciding if it was a blessing in disguise that I only had ten minutes to run around the store trying to absorb all the beauty before getting a train for my flight back home... One day, Hay store, you will be mine.

So there you go, I hope you've enjoyed my suggestions for Danish design inspiration!