5 things to check out this week (2)

I’m about a week into freelance life. It’s taking a little getting used to, but I’m sure things will settle into place before long. The toughest part so far has been motivating myself when it’s been sunny outside, not a bad complaint in the scheme of things really. Anyway despite the challenges of my newfound working situation I’ve managed to come across some lovely things this week, which I thought I’d share with you.

1. Palette feed


First and foremost I found this really lovely blog showcasing interesting colour palettes. I know that there are plenty of colour palette sites around, but this is one of the nicest I’ve seen. Definitely worth checking out and bookmarking if you’re after some colour inspiration.

2. Monologue London

Wandering around Shoreditch yesterday I came across this amazing furnishings and accessories store. It’s more on the pricier side of things, possibly eye-wateringly so, but it’s incredibly well curated with some beautiful products.

  Found  here

Found here

So obviously I hopped to their online store immediately. And look what I found!! 


Does this dining table remind you of something? It’s very reminiscent of my dream desk which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Instant love. If you live in London, you can go check Monologue out on Redchurch Street.

3. White as a pop of colour


This is a great post I came across on Apartment Therapy. I’ve been thinking a lot about using black as an accent colour in mostly white rooms. This post highlights rooms where this has been switched around and white becomes the accent. I have such a love for dark rooms, the white contrast is very eye catching. Totally mind blowing.

4. Modular storage



Working so far for my clients, I’ve really come to appreciate the importance of storage, especially in London where rooms tend towards being smaller rather than larger. I love this modular storage solution I’ve found, but unfortunately for me it’s based in America. Good news for you, if that’s where you’re based. Nice to take a look at anyway!

5. The good times experience

Finally, nothing really to do with interior design, or design. I like this little project that Ian Sanders has been doing. He’s making a list each week of all the good times. The point of the project being to notice things. I’m definitely inspired. Read more about it here.

More hotel design ogling - Hotel Providence Paris

I feel like it’s time for another hotel post, it’s been what, a month since I’ve casually mentioned one? And you know, ages since I’ve dedicated a whole, entire post to one!  It’s definitely time.

So I’ve been drooling over the decadent interiors of Hotel Providence recently. It's located in Paris, more specifically, if you're after specifics, it's in the 10th Arrondissement.

It’s another boutique style hotel (surprise surprise) with just 18 rooms. Dark, moody and sexy. I'm really inspired by the bold use of patterned wallpapers combined with the dark, luscious paint on the walls. The overall look is both opulent and yet elegant. It's quite eclectic actually and I guess a look and feel that is perfect for a Parisian hotel! Check out the gallery below.

I particularly adore the glass partition housing the bathroom in this room. Perhaps not very soundproof, but it looks great!

It's obvious that a combination of attention to detail and great taste has resulted in this beautiful design. The brains behind the look are Elodie Moussie and Sophie Richard. They've cleverly combined great vintage finds with designer finishes and it really works so well.

Each room has a distinct look, but the overall scheme is cohesive. Not only this, but apparently each room has its own custom made mini – bar. Check out the image below! Have you ever seen so fancy a mini bar?


Also, take a gander at the contrast of these fixtures against the wallpaper. It is just a wonderful combination. It's details like this which can really make a difference to the overall look of a room.


So if you're looking to visit the beautiful city of Paris any time soon, no need to worry about looking for accommodation - I've done the work for you. Definitely check it out and let me know how it was! 

How about some weekend DIY

Hurrah, it's Thursday today! I like to abide by my friends’ little saying and think of Thursday as “Firsday”, so it’s pretty much Friday. It makes sense to me… and her… Anyway, I'm dreaming of the weekend already. Don't tell me you aren't. What are your weekend plans? Fancy throwing in a little DIY?

I’ve been seeing a wealth of great DIY projects online recently. Perfect for days when you want to potter around at home, get crafty, get dirty, get your drill on… Whatever it may be. No judgement here.

DIY a beautiful ladder shelf


So first up! How brilliant and clever is this ladder shelf!? What an amazing idea. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lounge in my shared house, and I don’t quite have the room for it in my bedroom. BUT, it’s definitely in the back of my mind for a future project should the opportunity arise. If you want to know how to make your very own ladder shelf, details on how to and image were found here.

DIY a pom-pom pillow


Isn’t this cute! I love the textures that the little pom-poms add. I can see it in an array of colours, but the white used here is really lovely. Definitely something that I want to try out at home soon! I’m thinking some white and black ones will look fab in my room. Check out the how to here.

DIY nice & easy poster hangers


I’m a bit obsessed with these. They are much less fussy than frames, possibly much cheaper too. There’s a real vintage feel to them and a whole lot of character. Game changer I think! Get on it over here.

DIY a concrete vase


My housemate has been saving away various containers so we can make any number of concrete items. You know, candle holders, vases, plant pots. We are concrete obsessed right now. Anyway, here is a lovely little how to on making a vase.

5 things to check out this week


The Barbican is hands down one of my favourite areas in London. There's something so atmospheric about the estate. I love trying to imagine who lives there and what the apartments look like on the inside. This post on a recent renovation by Quinn architects gives us a lovely little peek in.

Actually, if you're keen on the Barbican I would recommend that you check out the Building the Brutal site here. It's a wonderful photographic archive documenting the last stages of the buildings' construction.

2. This mid-century/Scandinavian house


This is one of the best house tours I've seen on Apartment therapy of late. I'm loving the bold use of colours and graphic, geometric patterns. The choice of furniture and decor is spot on. It's SO up my street. I'd definitely recommend checking it out the slide show for some inspiration.

3. This print


I wrote about monstera plants here. If you're a little less green fingered, how about indulging in this print instead? It's gorgeous! Also, don't you think dark green, cream and black look so delicious together? Definitely a colour combination to think about.

4. This estate, near Melbourne Australia


You know how much I love my boutique hotels! This is The Estate Trentham. A hotel located about an hour outside of Melbourne. The interiors are to die for - it's been designed by Gardener & Marks. It looks like a gorgeous place to stay. I think the designers have struck a lovely balance between industrial and cosy with very strong Scandinavian influences.

5. This blog


Is a really lovely find. Mary posts one image a day of locally found, gathered natural objects. The result is a really beautifully curated, simple selection of images. With mindfulness being all the rage just now, it's a perfect place to slow down, stop, check out and be inspired by natural form.