Five wallpaper designers I currently have my eye on

Recently I’ve been obsessing about wallpapers. There are plenty of incredibly talented designers out there doing wonderful, creative things on wallpaper. Here are my top five picks.

1. Ellie Cashman


Ellie Cashman designs impressive, beautiful, large scale floral prints. Don’t you think the wallpaper looks so moody and romantic? I can see these statement making prints looking amazing in a hallway or guest bathroom.

2. Karen Combs 


Karen Combs is the designer behind Nama Rococo. She designs unique, beautiful handmade wallpaper which strike a fine balance of being incredibly detailed and ornate and yet they remain contemporary. 

It’s interesting because whilst her designs are inspired by 18th century Europe and Japan, they kind of remind me of Mexican arts and crafts. Or is that just me? Either way, her designs are truly works of art.

3. Yvonne and Rebecca Drury


These two women are the duo behind missprint. Oh my, I am so in love with these retro, mid-century inspired wallpapers. All the designs are hand drawn and quite delightful. I think you that you wouldn’t be able to help but feel cheery in a room wall papered with their designs.

4. Front


Front are a Swedish design studio who have recently partnered with Eco Wallpapers to create these incredible designs giving the illusion of 3D texture using hand drawn patterns and shadowing. The result of which is some pretty impressive, clever eye-trickery. Personally, I’d love to have this on a feature wall in my home!

5. Smink things


This is the company founded in East London by Marianne Smink specialising in both ceramic tiles and gorgeous wallpapers.

The wallpapers echo her tile designs, and they look fabulous. Here you can find geometric designs in slightly faded and aged colour-ways. It’s a great way to get the look of tiles on the wall without actually requiring the tiling. I’d definitely recommend giving these a look!