How about some weekend DIY

Hurrah, it's Thursday today! I like to abide by my friends’ little saying and think of Thursday as “Firsday”, so it’s pretty much Friday. It makes sense to me… and her… Anyway, I'm dreaming of the weekend already. Don't tell me you aren't. What are your weekend plans? Fancy throwing in a little DIY?

I’ve been seeing a wealth of great DIY projects online recently. Perfect for days when you want to potter around at home, get crafty, get dirty, get your drill on… Whatever it may be. No judgement here.

DIY a beautiful ladder shelf


So first up! How brilliant and clever is this ladder shelf!? What an amazing idea. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lounge in my shared house, and I don’t quite have the room for it in my bedroom. BUT, it’s definitely in the back of my mind for a future project should the opportunity arise. If you want to know how to make your very own ladder shelf, details on how to and image were found here.

DIY a pom-pom pillow


Isn’t this cute! I love the textures that the little pom-poms add. I can see it in an array of colours, but the white used here is really lovely. Definitely something that I want to try out at home soon! I’m thinking some white and black ones will look fab in my room. Check out the how to here.

DIY nice & easy poster hangers


I’m a bit obsessed with these. They are much less fussy than frames, possibly much cheaper too. There’s a real vintage feel to them and a whole lot of character. Game changer I think! Get on it over here.

DIY a concrete vase


My housemate has been saving away various containers so we can make any number of concrete items. You know, candle holders, vases, plant pots. We are concrete obsessed right now. Anyway, here is a lovely little how to on making a vase.