5 etsy designers to take a peek at

I’ve been searching for some reasonably priced art work for a client recently. I think it can be a pretty endless task. The internet is just so vast it can be impossible to find what you’re looking for.

Naturally, I’ve ended up taking a little look on etsy. Overall, I do really love etsy. I love the idea of supporting small, independent artists. There’s such a huge range of things on site that you’re bound to find something unique, often whether you need it or not!

What I find tricky is that I’ve not quite worked out how best to search for things. The options are vast so it’s difficult to separate out the really high quality things from the less so… Part of me can be a little bit wary about authenticity and copying. Especially after reading this article.

Anyway, all of this aside, there are some really lovely things on site and definitely some amazing artists so a bit of a search would absolutely pay off. I’ve found that it helps if you look who has favourited someone else that you like and taking the leap of faith that they have good taste by then checking out who else they’ve favourited. A bit of online “word of mouth” if you like.

So after all of this, I thought I’d share a couple of lovely artists I’ve come across in my recent search.

Yulia Tsukerman


A shop selling beautiful, handmade ceramics. I really like the organic forms and neutral palette.



Gorgeous, sweet illustrations. Great use of colour, I particularly like the drawings of the casual nudes!



This is a wonderful design studio based in Portugal. Highlights for me are the watercolours.



Another really gorgeous illustrator. If you like some fun, bright prints I would definitely take a little look.

Boriana M


A little less pop colours, a little more abstract, these original pieces are really lovely.