Where to stay in Amsterdam - Volkshotel - an interior lover's dream

I have this real thing for boutique hotels and I've come across this amazing one in Amsterdam - Volkshotel

There are nine "special rooms" beyond the already pretty great looking standard rooms. Each of these rooms have been designed by a different designer and they look incredible. I like the way they've each gone to town with quite a distinct style and theme.

My top picks are below:

Bathing Bikou by Hanna Maring

It's great when the boundaries between a sleeping area and bathing area are blurred. I just love when baths/showers are near beds. You will see this in my portfolio (once it's up) especially in my last project which was a boutique hotel where the boundaries were definitely blurred.

Something else I really love and that I've experimented with in my own projects is when a room is split into different levels. I think this creates a certain level of playfulness and some interest within the room. 

Cabin in the Woods by Gabor Disberg

Another room which does this really successfully is below. The view from the suspended bed looks incredible. Who wouldn't want to wake up to this!

Soixante Neuf by Rosa Lisa Winkel

What are you waiting for, book those tickets to Amsterdam already! Now, the only problem is choosing which room to stay in!