Bedroom style inspiration

I moved house this past weekend. Now that I've gotten over the trauma of dealing with how much stuff I have (honestly, how can one person accumulate so much over such a short period of time?!), my mind has turned to changing up my bedroom. And accumulating more stuff so it seems! How quick the mind forgets!

Living in a furnished, rented flat - there isn't much I can do around changing the furniture which is unfortunately made of particularly cheap looking, imitation wood of the most yellowy orange. Delightful.

But moving on, I'm thinking about some interesting artwork, different soft furnishings and perhaps even some handmade bits and bobs to change things up a little. 

Thinking about styling up a room, it's always good to have key words in mind so you stay on track. This is a handy tip I've learnt while studying interior design.

At the moment, I'm thinking clean, geometry, monochrome, Scandinavian and perhaps a little tribal.

This is what I'm thinking:


I'll let you know how I get on. I feel some kind of before/after post coming on!