Personally I generally tend towards minimal, neutral colours in my interior design projects. Regardless of personal preference, it's fun to explore colour in interiors and really push the boundaries. I definitely want to incorporate more of this in my work.

A few considerations when thinking about colour.

Sometimes, it's all about proportion. Especially when the colours are directly opposite from each other on the good old colour wheel. I love this blue & orange combination. Particularly because if I were personally thinking about blue and orange, I would imagine orange to be the accent colour. In this example though, the blue is accenting the orange. It's unexpected. I like it. I like it alot.


This is a bit of a cheeky cheat. But I do love the interior design in the film Amelie. It's also another perfect example of proportion. Here red dominates, with green adding a nice little accent. If you're curious, the quirky artwork above her bed is by Michael Sowa.


Traditional colour combinations seen as a no-no - navy & black, blue & green, pink & red, should definitely be a: Yes! Yes! Check out this simple and elegant brown and black combination by Ogawa Sekkei. I feel incredibly peaceful and calm just looking at it. I wish my office looked like this!


I think navy and black can equally be an elegant colour combination, as pictured below. There are so many things I love about this image actually. I love the way that white offsets navy and black perfectly. I think I may have to dedicate an entire blog post to this colour combination. The chair and stag horns are great too. 


Looking at the last two images, I can see that I've somehow managed to make my way back to neutrals! So let's take a look at some bold colour explosions next. Have a look at Zandra Rhodes home/studio as photographed by the Selby. Staying within the same tones, these colours look amazing next to each other.


Finally I'm going to leave you with an amazing study in colour. You'll see that sometimes, when the balance, proportion and tone are right, there's just no such thing as too much colour. The below image is also taken by the Selby. It's from Gerald Decock's home. I invite you to marvel at the use of colour.